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tv   Book Discussion on 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative  CSPAN  March 2, 2014 10:51pm-12:01am EST

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[applause] >> that was fascinating and scary. three do have copies of his book if you would like to take it home and get it signed. thank you. we will have more conversations about this in the next 15 years. [laughter] [applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> [applause] thank you, if they in drew was in my first class that i talked literally. i think he was.
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and also to pat as well but the young america's foundation longtime executive director and for all that you do for young people and campuses across the country for conserving and preserving their bregenz ranch and a legacy. reagan conservatism was about conserving and preserving as well. but also to c-span for being here people say thank god for c-span. i echo that. there is not middies sources out there that are as objective. they plotted out there and edited no commentary and what is before itself and there are so many talk said go on all over the country thousands of times per year and people say if there was
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just a camera to broadcast and obeys c-span does that. my topic to day is what is a reagan conservative? it is based on my new book 11 principles of the reagan conservative and what is a reagan conservative? if you do a google's search right now on the words reagan conservative it was over 30 million hits. people trying to define it and a lot of that is so many republican kay debates -- candidates will say over and over they will say i a reagan conservative. what is that? in many cases not so much they totally know what it is
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but many of them want to emulate his political appeal here is of me and in 1982 won 44 out of 50 states against the incumbent president. one of the reasons i think jimmy carter does so much is a lingering sense of rejection he must have been in 1980. [laughter] he has the good heart but think about that for the incumbent president to lose 44 out of 50? then he was reelected 49 out of 50 states. the only state he did not wind was minnesota which was the home state of his challenger walter mondale. so twice he won states that
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the republicans today could only dream of winning. california, new jersey, massachusetts, people are laughing. it is ridiculous. pencil they do. -- pennsylvania. twice. the second election electoral college 525 / 13. no need to be counted florida. [laughter] the combined margin with these two presidential races was 1,014 / 60 do. what republican would not want to be like ronald reagan? his presidency not just that he got elected but he left with the highest approval rating of any president
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since eisenhower. if you go before reagan said he replaces day president that fails to get reelected reelected, prior to carter was gerald ford who'd never won a presidential election prior to that is richard nixon that resigned in disgrace prior to that lbj whose presidency went so bad that he declined to even pursue the party renomination. lbj replaced the president who was killed in office. back before eisenhower harry truman talked about the presidency like the great white jail as a prisoner. he had the highest disapproval rating of any president and tell george to view bush. back to the '20s woodrow wilson in his presidency to terms ended in despair with
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two or three strokes in the final 18 or 24 months. after ronald reagan and george h. w. bush was elected largely because it was the best they could do to get the third term of reagan. he got one term. that was it he lost to bill clinton. he won 43 percent of the vote because of the third-party candidate of ross perot. clinton 1986 did not get over 50 percent come the 2000 george to be bush gets in without even winning a majority then 2004 the second bush term peaveys office said in 2007 had the worst gallup approval numbers since truman.
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obama 2008. 2012 obama is the first president in history the first democrat since lbj to get over 50 percent but 2012 he was elected with less popular votes than electoral college votes. reagan won 49 added 50 states obama had 26. but they are majority. looking at the map of counties under reagan was the sea of red under obama still a sea of red. speaking of obama, there was a pulled the in 2013 after the 20,132nd inaugural
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that asked americans if ronald reagan were to run today against barack obama who food you vote for? reagin. 58%. right after his election here is what is really fascinating who elected it was the use felt they would ask pate -- people who would you vote for? they would pick ronald reagan. . .
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to put in whichever name they wanted. who is the greatest american of all kinds? dot who is the greatest presidents but with the greatest american? 2.4 million people responded which any status will tell you is far and away. it's maybe 500 people that do some of this polling. and reagan won the greatest american of all time. awas republican wouldn't want to be like reagan? who wouldn't aspire to that success? you have groups that have been building these annual dinners for years.
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they've been changing many of the names to the reagan day dinners. february is the day of wind in's birthday if ronald reagan's birthday. so ronald reagan in a sense replacing lincoln of all things. i get asked all the time by media people and others which candidate is the most like ronald reagan and where would he stand on this issue or that issue? it begs the question of what did ronald reagan believe? this poster boy face of conservatism and the standardbearer in the icon of the republican party. what did he beat me, what did he actually beat these? ronald reagan never gave a definition of conservatism. he was afraid to try. he did get all sorts of critics.
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but february 6, 1977 which was the 66th birthday and he spoke at the conservative political action conference. ronald reagan spoke there i think 13 times. every year of his he spoke. and here in this particular address, which in the back of the book i have the full february, 1977 speeches. he said conservatism can mean different things to those who call themselves conservative, and it can. the essence of conservatism if you want a kind of definition for me and then i will give you the sort of definition, but it can her boobs are too can irvin and preserve the time-tested values and ideas that they be the best serve the country, citizens and people everywhere. the idea that over time have
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proven to work and to be the best. in a recommendation that is consistent for the spokesman for conservatism. ronald reagan said this in a speech in 1977 conservatives, the common sense and decency of ordinary men and women working out for their own lives and their own way this is the heart of american conservatism. wisdom and principles are derived from the willingness to learn not just from what is going on now but from what is happened before. what they called the democracy of the dead. the idea that our ancestors have something to say.
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we should think about what they learned before us which doesn't mean everything that was done was right. remember the definition is the time-tested values that have endured over time. they are based on what men and women have discovered through x. three and a not just one generation but in all of the combined experience in mankind. this is the patrimony anyway. you don't just throw all this stuff out because you suddenly think you know better. when we conservatives say that we know something about political affairs and what we know can be stated as principles we are saying the principles that we hold dear are those that have been found through experience to be ultimately beneficial for individuals,
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families, communities information. through the testing of sacrificing sorrow it comes up all the time. i talked about it all the time to the students the issue of same-sex marriage is dominant and all of these discussions and that is the case right there the conservative position is to deny people marriage rights and the conservative beliefs that there is something to learn from an institution that has been the way it has been for thousands of years and about an issue 20 years ago in 1993 the entire democratic party and liberalism defined marriage between a man and a woman and a 20 years later anyone that disagrees they call him all sorts of names. a conservative would say hold on
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a second. now we are the radicals? so the conservatives stop and say let's see what we know about this through experience. where you're going no now in tht idea isn't time-tested. it's not time-tested. so ronald reagan told them that the old line dividing the social and economic conservatives were disappearing and ronald reagan said of that age group conservatives needed to be both a social and an economic conservative and ronald reagan was both. he was a total complete conservative not just conservative on some issues and tax cuts and so forth but on social and economic issues. so as ashley said in this book i laid out 11 principles of the conservatism and i don't know
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how i came up with the love and other than i laid out the principles and stopped and counted and there were 11. some people said you should do ten and make it the ten commandments. i would have to combine them but there's lots time, there's 11. there is 12, make it a dozen. even within is an odd number. i got 11 and i don't want to combine any of them. so here they are in the there will be a quiz at the end of this. make sure you take notes. you have a cheat sheet in the book and on c-span you can rewind it. but i will rattle them off. freedom, faith, family, sanctity of human life, american exceptionalism, the founders, wisdom and vision, lower taxes, limited government, peace through strength of anti-communism and a belief in the individual. those are the 11.
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i won't have time to go through all the living of thes love andt i'm going to try to go through a few and check the clock and at some point you will have to drag me off the stage. i don't have time to go through all the living so i will say if you. ronald reagan spoke of freedom over and over again. the time for choosing speech which he gave on behalf of goldwater said that mankind from the swamp to the stars the long ascent from the swamp to the stars has a global struggle to be free and divide the reckoning kind of people everywhere need of freedom. at that time in 19 before when he wrote that speech in 64, freedom in particular was something that was lacking in the communist world and he talked about a cuban boat person
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escaping castro's cuba and he said how lucky she is he had a place to escape to and ronald reagan said if we lose freedom here in america there is no place to escape. this is the last stand on earth. if we lose freedom in america there's no place to escape. and ronald reagan felt that the americans needed to understand this. they needed to understand this freedom thing if they needed to understand it today. and in the farewell speech from the oval office beautiful speech written by peggy noonan and that is one of the speeches in the back of this book on old reagan talked about what he called a freedom man and i will quote here he said he has become increasingly increasingly pensive as he prepares to go back home in california right
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appeared about 40 minutes up the road he talks about working at the white house window. i've been reflecting on the past eight years on what they meant into the image that comes to mind is a novel called one. a small story about a big ship it was the height of the people. these were the vietnamese who had a skate communism after the fall of saigon after we left and became communist and you had thousands of people fleeing the country like you did in cuba as well. the american sailor was hard at work on the carrier midway which was patrolling the south china sea. they spied on the horizon a boat and crammed inside were refugees from china hoping to get to america. the midway sent a launch to bring them to the ship and
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safety as the refugees made their way through the sea one spied the sailor on deck and its needs that up and called out to one of the boat people looked up and called out to him as the sailor held out his hand to pull them up and yelled hello american sailor, hello freedom, hello american sailor and hello freedom man. so imagine at that moment he is more than just a boat person he's a spokesperson. he's a spokesperson for freedom. a spokesperson for american exceptionalism as ronald reagan was at that moment. you get a symbol here more profound into deeper than the south china sea. imagine he doesn't look up and say hello, sailor, hello
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military man, hello american sailor, hello freedom and. he is the freedom man. a small moment with a big meaning and he wrote it in a letter and couldn't get out of his mind and when i saw it, neither could i. because that's what it meant to be an american in the 1980s. we stood again for freedom. that's what it meant to be an american again in the 80s. you will often hear conservatives say freedom and i try to express this to my students freedom can mean regulation. it's easier to open a business if you are not burdened by the regulations you need the freedom to be able to open and start a business and you can't because of the onerous regulations.
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taxes, high taxes rob you of freedom. if 50% of your income goes to taxes, that's 50% plus of your income. money that you could use to do landscaping to pay off a student loan to pay down a mortgage and buy a new dishwasher, to buy a second car to hire a plumber. any number of different things to give to charity. monethe money that you could dos to give to charity. of the more the government takes away your taxes especially as you have an ever-growing group government but needs more tax money to feed the beast the more you lose of your personal freedom. freedom in america can be the freedom to educate your children in the school where you would like to send them to a private school, to homeschool.
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he talked about freedom of religion, religious tolerance we have the first amendment freedoms, speech, press, assembly, religion. freedom to immigrate. think about that. when ronald reagan was president, everybody behind the iron curtain last the freedom to integrate. you couldn't go over the iron curtain. the secretary of defense anytime i ever mentioned the iron curtain to an audience, he said this to me shortly before he died if you're going to be around longer than me, do me a favor. any time you mentioned the berlin wall as your audience is one question. in whicquestion. in which correction to the east german guards who control the berlin wall in which direction they point their gun class east. on their own people. you're talking t to secretary defends the walls are built to
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keep the enemy from invading. this was a wall to keep people that wanted to be free from leaving. it had borrowed why you're over top. peter robertson that growth the tear down this wall speech, when he was pairing to write a speech there was gravel and it was fair so that a footprint seen there the night before because one of the german guards go over the east german guard to be held responsible for letting the person go free. so freedom has many manifestations. ronalmanifestations. ronald reagan said only when people are free to worship, create and build only when they can decide their destiny and to benefit from their own risk, only then do the societies become dynamic and prosperous. he talked about the freedom to extract oil and energy. do you know how much energy would be extracted right now if the government just allowed them to do so?
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right, the freedom to do that. and freedom was not just the exclusive domain of americans that was one of the deepest and noblest aspirations that conservatives need to be freedom fighters, they need to be keepers of the flame of liberty as you saw. second principle. are you getting these down? one out of 11, that is less than 10%. the second one is faith. consistent with ronald reagan u.s. constantly conservatives today that fox freedom, freedom. but what he understood and what conservatism is about is freedom needs faith. one is dependent on the other. face is like the moral letter to freedom. if you don't have -- if you have freedom without faith it can be
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a license and not virtue. it can be las vegas dot the city of god. freedom is elevated when you have the faith to infuse it. it provides a sanctifying grace to freedom that elevates the free well and allows us to aspire. ronald reagan works a lot with pope john paul ii in mac to that he was very close to. freedom can become pro verse and can lead to the destruction of freedom for others. you can think of examples on that. the successor said the west suffers from a confused ideology for freedom. so we've got freedom wrong.
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we don't totally understand freedom. and because of that confused ideology we are suffering from a dictatorship of relativism. the scripture by 13 to 514 says do not use your freedom as opportunities for the flash. but rather use freedom for what serves others, to serve your neighbor. russell kirk whose 1974 classic the roots of american order to do the order of liberty. you have to have an inner order before the country can have an outer order. george washington talked about self-governing one's self before the nation could self govern. if you have to have a nation of self-governing self-controlled
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people before you could have a successfully self-governing nation there is a john adams quote where he says the constitution was made for the religious and moral people and if you take that away, you're going to be in trouble. ronald reagan constantly quoted george washington on this. washington said that the image of george washington in the snow of valley forge was the most sublime because they personify the people in their own courage and goodness they must seek help from god, their father and their preserver. though clark is here and we offered his biography that he was very close to ronald reagan and he would tell me all the time one of his favorite quotes
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was when he said i'm driven to my knees by the conviction that i have nowhere else to go. ronald reagan feared what happens to a free democratic society where any society when it's scrapped religious faith. there is a speech that he gave october 1988 at georgetown. i also have the speech. this was a gem. in this society and of the western society that freedom cannot exist alone and that is why the same for the bicentennial is so very apt. learning safe and freedom. each reinforces the other and takes the others possible for what are they without each
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other. and then he quoted alexis de tocqueville democracy in america 1835. he said in 1835 and it is as true today as it was then despotism may govern without faith, but liberty cannot. despotism may govern without faith but liberty cannot. it's more needed in a democratic society than any other because you have the freedom to do things in a democratic society. so to control things and have order you need people providing that order to self govern themselves before you can self govern a nation. ronald reagan then warned it's a good thing but unless it is tempered by faith and freedom it can be very dangerous. the names of many intellectuals are recorded on the role and has ronald reagan said, learning is about the relationship between
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faith and freedom. it's one of the things we teach faith and i wasn't planning on putting enough blog, with ronald reagan said the faith and freedom that brighton the american sky, the beacons of freedom that brighton the american sky principle number three, family. father, son, holy spirit. and ronald reagan argued it was foundational to the civilization. throughout his presidency he constantly made a statement on the family. this surprised me. i had no idea how true that was. in fact, this is one of the last principles that i added to the book because when i saw the
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frequency of these references it became very clear reagan had stolen the family is the most basic and important unit of society. the most adorable of all institutions. the family as the nucleus of the civilization and is the cornerstone of american society but also means the family disintegrates the biggest in trouble. it is the engine of social progress and is the very foundation of freedom and children belong in a family. and as a very conservative thought. in a family children are not only cared for, but they are the moral values and traditions that gave order and stability to the lives and the society as a whole. what happens when there is no longer a consensus or understanding of what those
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values and traditions are? it is more important that american families of firm and older more lasting set of values. again, time-tested values. here are another important sentiment. it's up to families to preserve and pass on to each succeeding generation that values we most cherish. our concept of the family must also withstand the trends of lifestyle legislation. ronald reagan worried about progress that redefines the family according to the latest lifestyle. one of the proclamations as president this was january 12, 1989. he's already given a farewell address and ronald reagan issues a proclamation on the family. he says we must teach youngsters
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the lifelong relationship between husband and wife that his marriage. so here he's defining marriage as a loving lifelong relationship between husband and wife that his marriage and the press has asked a bunch of time because patty said she thinks her father wouldn't have stood in the way of marriage and so i was asked by the press where does he stand on this and he never commented because his time this was unthinkable. anybody that would have proposed the idea in the 50s or 60s, democrat, republican, liberal, they would have been hauled off to a lunatic asylum. no one was thinking of this at the time. that was totally out of anybody's framework. but ronald reagan, when you see these sentiments, the family has been with us from the dawn of human history he said.
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what can each of us do as a father, daughter, mother, son or grandparent to strengthen this divine institution? this divine institution and here he and folks that want holy family jesus, mary and joseph as a model of the family as well. and he warns foremost of those forces that would weaken or destroy the family and he says above all this is i think really significant the doctors will use the same phrase in another context but ronald reagan said first of all the government should do no harm to the family, first of all, first and foremost do no harm. you still with me? okay. and before, sanctity and
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dignity. i'm going to do another one and then i will skip a few. sanctity and dignity of human life, ronald reagan believed the right to life is the first and most fundamental of all human freedoms. the first and most fundamental of all human freedoms. he said this in 1983. my administration is dedicated to the preservation of america as a free land and there is no cause more important for preserving that freedom than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have meaning. if you don't first have the right trights to life, there cao other rights. there can't be freedom of press, freedom of speech, religion, assembly, freedom to emigrate without first the rights to life. that comes first through which all others follow.
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ronald reagan supported a human right to the constitution which is interesting because a lot of pro-life at the time thought you don't have to do that. to mess with the constitution. had they done that it would have inserted into the constitution these words the paramount right to life is vested in each human being from the moment of fertilization without regard to age, health or condition of dependency. so think about that. very interesting because the obama hhs mandate which requires all americans to fund and so forth would have been on constitutional and directly violated the human rights amendment if such would have been implemented in the past which would have been a long shot to begin with and probably wouldn't have happened but that was ronald reagan's position. his thinking on this a couple things.
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bill clark used to often point to ronald reagan's experience as a lifeguard in illinois at the rock river when he patrolled the waters there for seven summers, seven days a week like 15 hours a day he saved the lives of 77 people as a lifeguard pages 15 to 22. we have some lifeguards here? i have students who have been lifeguards and they say i didn't saved 77 people. but tbut that instilled in ronad reagan clark would argue it really fundamental respect way back in the 1920s. but it was also an outgrowth of the space. the january, 1984 speech to religious broadcasters he said, quote, god's most blessed gift to the family is the gift of life. he sent us the prince of peace as a babe in the manger. and then he said this.
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he compared the abortion movement to slavery. "the new york times" went nuts when they did this. this nation talks a terrible war so they would be given their god-given rights. when can w recognize that we cannot survive as a free land when some can decide whether others should be free was waves. another question begs to be asked how can we survive as a free nation when some decide others are not fit to live? i belief no challenge is more important to the character of america va then restoring the rt to life of all human beings. without, and again, which that's right no other rights have meaning. then he says suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of god, and just ended with that.
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every person in latin terms [inaudible] that is a sacred reality. every human being is a sacred reality and because every human being is infused with a soul that means every human being is eternal because schools are eternal and so because of that, each and every human being is more important than a state because states are not eternal. schools and human beings are. he gave a july 1987 speech to a small room of pro-life leaders and i had to go to the library to actually find a copy of this. i think it's on the website of the center for vision and values. and he talks to them and she says i know some of you have been accused of being single issue voter voters but with thee issue is of greater significance than this and then he finished
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with it like to leave you with a quotation that means a great deal to me. as are the words to my friend cardinal cooke new york. the gift of life, special life is no less beautiful when it is accompanied by a lesser weakness, hunger or poverty, mental or physical handicaps, loneliness or old age. that doesn't make it any less beautiful. indeed at these times human life gains an extra splendor as it requires a special care, concern and reverence. it is through the weakest of human vessels the lord continues. a former student of mine who has a down syndrome child and i shared a quote with him and he's as that is so true. another principle is american
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exceptionalism. ronald reagan thought that america was a beacon to all of humanity who was the last best hope on earth. it was a shining city upon the hill. he said that for 30 years before the presidency. i found a speech that ronald reagan gave in june of 1952 to a little tiny college called william woods college in missouri not far from where churchill made his iron curtain speech a few years earlier. and in that speech, he said america is less of a police van and idea. think about that. america is less of a place than an idea. the idea of america is nothing but the love of freedom in each one of us it is simply the idea
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that basis of the country in our religion the idea of the dignity of man and the idea that deep within the heart of each one of us is something so godlike all of us have a god shaped vacuum in our heart only god alone can fill. it's a vacuum that only god can fill. something so godlike and precious that no individual or group has the right to impose their will upon the people so well as they can decide for themselves. when they said it over and over again and he was ridiculed for this thought only in my own mind have thought of america as a place in the design scheme of things that was set aside as a promised land hike and erika said god aside for a special
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purpose. as a promised land. i believe that shedding his grace on the country has always been the scheme of things and guided it as a promised land. he said for the record that any country so incredibly blessed if it were to turn its back what might happen to this country and once it's no longer gave gratitude where gratitude was due he talked about the phrase where does it come from. any of you learning about john winthrop after college? maybe three if you. they wrote it to describe the america that he imagined. he was an early pilgrim in the
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early freedom man. he was an early freedom man and he journeyed into what he called a little blood in the whether it's coming from cuba, from the south china sea, both person from vietnam and like the other pilgrims when he was looking for the home that would be free i didn't know if i ever quite communicated what i saw that it was a city built when the windswept and god bless and teaming up with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace a city with ports that hung with commerce and creativity if there had to be city walls walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone
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with a heart to get there that's how i saw it and i see it's still. he said that in his farewell address which is fascinating because for the president that normally give a farewell address maybe it is the review of what they've accomplished and so forth. for ronald reagan is a lesson in american exceptionalism. it's like a civics lesson he's going to give when he leaves. i will go through them much quicker. ronald reagan more than any other president rediscovered the founders. i knew he quoted the founders obstinately so with the public papers of the president of the united states which is printed by the printing office i went
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through and i had to grade student to count the number of times the president cited the founders so we went through and listed the different founders. jimmy carter and gerald ford did the least )-right-paren of 1976. they all commonly cited the founders, nixon and clinton around 100 lbj was the highest. ronald reagan cited the founders 850 times. 850 times. president obama doesn'presidente founders very often. he gave a fourth of july
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statement where he referred to the founders as men of property and wealth. but he would prefer to founders in their schooling language. here is the 1964 time for speech. alexander hamilton warned us the nation that can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one. choosing the high road cannot eliminate that risk. should they have told the children to live in slavery rather than the wilderness? should christ have refused the cost and should the patriots of the concorde bridge fire the shot heard around the world and are we to believe that all of the markers in history died in vain?
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you step up and expect the risk. tom paine said these are the times that try men's souls. we have the power to begin the world al over again. and he beat he could do that in the cold war. just a few weeks after jimmy carter was inaugurated and richard allen came out here to california and he said my idea of the simple. we went iwe win and if they los. what do you think of that and everybody at that point would have thought you're crazy. you are going to defeat the empire and the soviet union? he thought he could do it.
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probably it was most identified with lower taxes and in particular were federal income taxes, and even more specifically the federal progressive graduated income tax. does anyone know when the income tax became permanent in america? 1913. a little over a hundred-years-old. passed by woodrow wilson, passed by the congress this required an amendment to the constitution that is something of a deal this was. the idea of a permanent graduate of progressive income tax totally new in america. we have been here since 70s. this is after the. when woodrow wilson put it in place and the advocates argued that it's just going to be a
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tiny tax on the very wealthy on the richest americans when it was put in place in 1913 taking notes? it was 7% on incomes over $500,000 a year. 7% on the $1,913. by 192 1921 woodrow wilson's fil year in office but 7% rate was up to 73%. part of that was world war i and people will cheat on c-span world war i for america for the world of 1918 and for america was april, 1917 to 1918. but 73% wasn't just to cover the cost of world war i.
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it goes up to 94% for the upper income. 94%. read burke .-full-stop's book fdr considered it 99.5% rate on income over $100,000. 99.5% on income over $100,000. now, ronald reagan who argued the progressive income tax was out in the communist manifesto and in fact the communist and a pesto was written in 1848 and if you look online and go to don't give the communists any money for the buck and they list the ten-point plan in the top two or three points there one of them is a graduate of progressive income tax. they added that in 1848 long
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before the progressives gave it to us in 1913. at the time when fdr did this he was a progressive democrat. ronald reagan was one of the top five ox office of warner bros.. he made more than just being movies. he was one of the top five. ronald reagan they would make more than one. they realized once he hit the 94% rate there was no point in making another movie when you are going to lose 94 cents over the dollar to that. that didn't hurt him at all. the people that work in the cafeteria and warner bros., the cameramen, the union people, the blue collars that is who gets
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heard from us. so when he came into the top rate was 70% and he brought it down to 28%. all the way down to 28%. also when he came in there were 16 separate tax brackets. by the time he was done, there were two so he simplified the tax code. when he did not only did it simplify and remove about 4 million working poor, from the tax rolls ronald reagan did increase the taxes a few times into social security in 19831984 and 87 excise tax and gasoline in 1982 but they never budged on reducing the income tax. the ronald reagan biographer says not all taxes are equal and not all tax cuts for equal three of federal income tax is the
11:47 pm
centerpiece of this. it's led tit led to the 92 conse months of economic growth surpassing the previous record of 58% in just a few statistics. in the 1980s, get this real income for the median family dropped by 11% from 1977 to 82. from 82 to 89 coming out of the recession it rose by 17%. there was a 40% jump in the number of black households earning $50,000 or more. the unemployment which is increased significantly under obama so faster than the unemployment in the 1980s. the number of black owned businesses increased i almost 40%. the number that enrolled in college in the 19 '80s increased by 30% under ronald
11:48 pm
reagan whereas the white college enrollment increased by only 6%. the member number of the businen the 1980s under ronald reagan grew by 81%. the number of hispanics enrolled in the college jumped by 45%. it was just 6%. liberals love to emphasize the gap between men and women. women went from earning 60 cents out of every dollar to 71 cents. the employment and median earnings outpaced men. women enrolled in the college and record numbers and folks ask anybody at the table that lived through it. they were yapping about the homeless at every corner in america. the homeless advocate up to
11:49 pm
3 million homeless. something crazy like that. they did a report in 1984 that estimated the number of homeless is about 250,000 to 350,000. they didn't register for the benefit and so forth so 300,000 that is all that you heard about when he was up for every election. get this so 300,000 homeless. in 2012 when obama was up for the election, the national wine to end homelessness estimated there was 3,600,000 homeless. under obama we are looking at 47 million americans with stamps
11:50 pm
whereas under ronald reagan and was 18 million. last one and thithe last one any quick. limited government, limited government. this is an important distinction. conservatives are not antigovernment. they are anti-big adjournment. they are cradle to grave government against the creeping socialism and the rock 'n roll address it is not my intention to do away with government. he said that when it comes down to it there are few functions other than the legitimate core functions of government does few things as well or as better than the economy and ronald reagan's in 81 in this present crisis, the government is not the solution to the problem, but the
11:51 pm
government is the problem. contrast that to 2009 who said this. the federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back into life. it is only government that can break the vicious cycle where the lost jobs and so the total big policy difference obama does an 800 billion-dollar government stimulus package to try to stimulate economic growth and would ronald reagan do? cut taxes allowing people to keep more of their own money and let that many stimulate economic growth. i have to stop there. i've gone on for too long. there's other principles you have to read the book to find out about them. one is anti-communism. peace through strength, belief
11:52 pm
in the individual. you have to read the book to learn about those. i am going to stop and take any questions. >> dot statistics are in the book. the university of vermont, he is a source for a lot of the economics. it is all indisputable. those are government members. >> i appreciate the effort that you put into this. >> if i had to do it all over again i wouldn't be able to. go ahead. >> i was just taking a couple
11:53 pm
notes on what you said and i was wondering. ronald reagan was very bold about what he believed and he said we ought to have bold colors instead of pastels and i was wondering in today's current culture which is very conditioned against the conservative values and things like the welfare state which is very entrenched on entitlements where if you say we are going to cut taxes and government spending and limit welfare benefits and things that people are kind of free poll recalls ot and so i was wondering how a true conservative might market himself to the american public while still standing on the true ideals but in a way that is appealing to the public in a way that can achieve the political. >> that is what he did and bear in mind these principles. he said you need a principled conservatism, and you cannot run
11:54 pm
away from your principles. you need to hold fast to them. none of these are mean. none of them are bad. i mean, freedom, faith, family, limited government come a cutting taxes, belief in the individual. ronald reagan said there is nothing more anti-communist. communism is the antithesis of the freedom. so, ronald reagan did such a good job of particulate in this eloquently, skillfully and in a very reasonable way and with a smile. and he was so good. one of my frustrations with george w. bush was how bush wouldn't even respond to a lot of the criticisms. i don't know if he was being told that, advised that or there were times george bush somebody would go out and say something vicious. remember when he landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier, and i think it was the founder from west virginia robert byrd went out and just jumped all
11:55 pm
over him. ronald reagan would have had a comeback for that. his jealousy doesn't look good. or something like that. ronald reagan was great -- usha was just promoted fetal position and not saying anything but reagan responded with a win some quality and authenticity berry goldwater conservatism with a frown and ronald reagan conservatism with a smile. a book was written called the wit and wisdom of the great communicator. and reagan had that. some of our spokespeople today they needed that. and i would say, too, they need reagan's fearlessness and understanding. i would advise this to ted cruz in particular. they are the liberals worst nightmare. they are conservatives in the
11:56 pm
last thing they want to see is that both go to the republican party. they must destroy ted cruz at all costs no matter what. but what he realized his view will never make those people happy. and they are not going to vote for you anyway. they are not. they are going to call you names do matter what. he didn't care what "the new york times" thought about him. he made the comparison between abortion and slavery and "the new york times" went back and he just smiled and went on. you need that quality. they need that quality. >> i'm from college of the ozarks [inaudible] we noticed he's using the
11:57 pm
executive order that the conservatives are excited for that and i'm curious reagan wrote something like 280. >> i don't know the number of executive orders. >> left me address this because it relates to the point. it president that has to rely on executive orders is into gettina vote of bipartisan support. liberals say that is unfortunate for obama because they have the republican congress. reagan passed his tax cut at the ranch august 13, 1981 i 1981 eny exhibit up here at the ranch center that's quoted for the "washington post" calls this one of the most remarkable bipartisan political triumphs in history. he did that with tip o'neill's
11:58 pm
democratic commerce. reagan cut taxes like that with the democrats in congress. so, obama hasn't been able to do things like that. reagan convinced. they mentioned the state of the union speech. obama loves the word collective and at some point i want to d wo a content analysis on the number of times he uses the word collective. in dreams from my father a bunch of times and the state o state e union something like the collective shoulder of the country and liberals are saying come on use the term collective. that's not the same way that obama did. get out of here. they use it in a totally different way. that's if you have to rely on executive order to govern, then you're not convincing enough people of your program.
11:59 pm
>> i'm also from college of the ozarks. my question is i know that ronald reagan really adored the hegemony and kind of a hardcover type of approach but in today's world especially internationally with everybody on edge in these ability of the relationship with other countries do you think that same hardcover approach is appropriate or should we be more on the obama style of the soft power approach? >> contrary to the public perception because he was seen as a hawk because he increased the defense so much but he did that for the purpose of strength. he said you have a strong military so you don't need it, so you don't have to use it. the strong military is what the detours people from acting. there have been four wars in my life time but not because america was too strong or something like that.
12:00 am
and reagan used military force only twice in grenada in october, 1983, which was fast and short and successful, got the american medical students out that he feared could become hostages and feared that grenada could become another soviet satellite or outpost of the caribbean. and in april, 1986 strike against libya. that was it. those are the only two times he used it. ..


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